Is Bryan Cranston's Retirement in the Room with Us Right Now?

"Some news came out that wasn't entirely clear… I am not retiring."

Photo: Martin Kraft

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Jun 12, 2023

Last week, the world felt its collective knees turn to jelly when everyone's dad, Bryan Cranston, told GQ that he was planning to retire from acting in 2026. Only, it turns out, some things got lost in translation.

Cranston has since taken to Instagram to clear things up, writing those four little words that can heal all wounds: "I am not retiring."

The actor also wrote a bunch more detailing his plans for the future, explaining that, when he reaches his 70th birthday in 2026, he will "hit the pause button for a year." Just a year!

He added that he's "not even sure what 'pausing' means entirely," but that he does indeed plan on spending quality time with his wife, unplugging from business and social media, reading some classics and giving his career "a sort of 'reset'" after more than two decades. "But before that happens, I've got some unfinished business."

Read Cranston's full statement below.

Hey everyone, I hope this little message finds you well. Some news came out that wasn't entirely clear… even to me. So I wanted to set the record straight.

I am not retiring.

What I am going to do is hit the pause button for a year after I reach my 70th birthday in 2026. Holy crap — 70!
I'm not even sure what 'pausing' means entirely, but at this moment, I think it means that by taking a year off it will provide several things;

First, it will allow me to spend time with Robin (my beautiful wife of 34 years now) in a way that I haven't been able to in the last 25 years… not as a wife of a celebrity, but as a loving married couple entering into — well, let's be honest, our latter years, with new hopes and goals and experiences.

Secondly, it gives me a sort of 'reset' in my career. I've had such an unbelievable ride for over two decades — with playing characters on TV, films, and on stage that I could only have dreamt about… until it actually happened. I could not be more grateful and thankful for such opportunities. That said, I feel as though I'm beginning to run out of fresh ideas in how to play characters that I'm being offered. So exploring a more expanded life experience will give me the chance to replenish my soul and prepare for whatever roles I may be afforded in a more authentic way.

I will unplug from social media, step off the hamster wheel of business, and dive into the classic novels that I've always promised myself I would read but haven't… But before that happens, I've got some unfinished business.

Several films are coming out soon that I'm very proud of, I am producing a few stories for TV that I really love, and I am circling my attention on returning to Broadway — but this time in a new light… more on that later. For now, let me just express my deep gratitude to all of you who have been so incredibly kind and generous with your time in reading my posts and following my career. I never take my good fortune for granted. I am blessed, and man, do I know it. I wish all of you well… and I'll see you down the road.

Love, Bryan


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