In Living Color The Complete Fourth Season

In Living Color's now classic comedy, which launched careers and broke barriers with hip-hop style and attitude, is one of the gems of network television from the past 15 years. This three-disc DVD set is worth picking up because of its 23 episodes of fresh talent and fearless sketches, which used a then new formula for its lasting comedy: ridicule, relevance and rawness. This particular period in the show, season four, which takes place during 1992 and '93, has the show's wheels in full motion. There's more money in the budget, the set was bigger and the cast had added some new faces. Jamie Foxx was coming of age with original and reoccurring characters such as Wanda. One of the gems on this DVD, which reflects the increased clout of In Living Color during season four, is a brilliant Wanda sketch co-starring all four members of En Vouge. The Fly girls play a bigger role in this season and also add a baby faced Jennifer Lopez to the squad. This is only one of the retro elements of this DVD that make watching it feel like looking into a time capsule of vintage hip-hop culture and social events. In Living Color brazenly uses its black point of view to parody then current events of the time, like the Rodney King beating, and makes them genuinely funny. This DVD also features live performances from Grand Puba, Digable Planets, Da Youngstas, Gang Starr, Redman, and Naughty by Nature. Cast heavyweights like Jim Carrey and Damon Wayans are still on point with classic characters like Fire Marshal Bill and Homey the Clown. Unfortunately, Keenen Ivory Wayans and Damon Wayans are all but replaced by Shawn and Marlon Wayans, who weaken the cast. This DVD is one of a kind entertainment and a solid trip down memory lane (Fox)