Get Ready for "Mononoke Village," "Dondoko Forest" and "Witch Valley" at Japan's Studio Ghibli Theme Park

An official groundbreaking ceremony for the park's construction takes place this month
Get Ready for 'Mononoke Village,' 'Dondoko Forest' and 'Witch Valley' at Japan's Studio Ghibli Theme Park
If there's anything that could get the world feeling positive again after this whole pandemic thing is over, it's a Studio Ghibli theme park. Thankfully, the Japanese amusement park is finally making some headway, and we've now got more details of what's in store.

After first being announced in 2017, the Studio Ghibli theme park is now aiming to be open to the public in the fall of 2022, with the opening being delayed due to the ongoing pandemic. Still, despite the extra wait, construction on the park is getting underway. An official groundbreaking ceremony is scheduled for July 28, with Studio Ghibli president Kiyofumi Nakajima to be in attendance.

The park is being built near Nagoya at the Aichi Expo Commemorative Park in Aichi Prefecture. According to a new report from /Film, the park is being split into five different worlds, some of which are being based on specific films while others are drawing inspiration from a variety of Ghibli projects.

The park will all sit on about 200 hectares land, with the focus being more about recreating iconic Ghibli scenes and nature trails instead of thrill-seeking rides and attractions.

As /Film reports, there are three areas currently under construction: "The Hill of Youth" area, inspired by Whisper of the Heart and Howl's Moving Castle; the "Giant Warehouse" area, based on Spirited Away; and the "Dondoko Forest" inspired by My Neighbor Totoro.

The other two areas will be the "Mononoke Village," based on Princess Mononoke; and "Witch Valley," which takes inspiration from Kiki's Delivery Service and Howl's Moving Castle.

Previously, concept art was unveiled for the theme park, and you can revisit that below. You also spend your time getting versed in Ghibli by finally being able to legally stream the films, which recently came to Canada on Netflix.