​George Clooney Hospitalized Following Scooter Accident in Italy

BY Sarah MurphyPublished Jul 10, 2018

George Clooney was taken to a hospital in Sardinia, Italy, following an accident while riding his scooter. The actor was released from the John Paul II Hospital earlier this morning.
Local paper La Nuova Sardegna [via the Associated Press] reported that Clooney had been en route to a film set when a car hit his scooter. The collision took place near Costa Corallina.
Police have not released any information, and Clooney's spokesperson has not issued a statement on the accident.

UPDATE (7/10, 12 p.m. EDT): As TMZ reports, sources have told the publication Clooney was doing more than 120 kilometres per hour when he was hit. The actor was then reportedly thrown off his bike and fell twenty feet in the air, with his helmet striking the car's windshield and causing it to shatter. Apparently, the impact was so strong that it also broke Clooney's helmet. The actor was taken by ambulance, but according to TMZ, his injuries are not life-threatening.
Clooney's most recent credits include acting and directing for TV mini-series Catch-22, and producing projects like TV series On Becoming a God in Central Florida and film Red Platoon. He has also recently appeared in a string of Nespresso commercials.

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