Gaspar Noé Says He Walked Out of 'Black Panther'

"The music was so bad that I had to escape"
Gaspar Noé Says He Walked Out of 'Black Panther'
It's safe to say that cinematic provocateur Gaspar Noé is not one to shy away from controversy. Following his breakthrough films Irreversible and Enter the Void, his last project was a 3D porno flick. Still, in promoting his new movie Climax, Noé may have made his most fucked-up statement yet — he walked out of Black Panther.

In a new interview with Variety, Noé admitted that he prefers documentaries over narrative films, calling modern blockbusters "so predictable."

When the conversation turned to Ryan Coogler's enormous hit, Noé said he walked out of the film. 

"I tried Black Panther. I escaped from the cinema after 20 minutes," Noé said. "I thought it was as bad as Star Wars. I hated Star Wars. I hated the R&B music [in Black Panther]. The music was so bad that I had to escape."

That's not to say he hates every big-budget movie. "But you know which one I like?" he continued. "What's the name of the Denis Villeneuve movie? Arrival. That one was good."

For a further understanding of Noé's preferences, the director added that he loved Lars von Trier's new film The House That Jack Built. The movie dropped like a bomb at Cannes this year, triggering a split between walkouts and standing ovations for its extremely graphic violence against women, children and animals.

"I thought it was so funny!" Noé said. "Lars von Trier has a very cold humour, but I enjoyed it so much. It's like a Todd Solondz movie, so dark. All the sadistic scenes were so funny that people were staring at me because I couldn't stop laughing."

Noé's Climax will open in North America later this year.