GarfieldEATS Coming to "Every Grocery Store, Hopefully"

Nathen Mazri has also announced an agritourism "farm park" on Ontario
GarfieldEATS Coming to 'Every Grocery Store, Hopefully'
Photo via GarfieldEats on Facebook
GarfieldEATS sadly closed its Toronto pizza and coffee house last fall, but the Garfield-themed eatery is far from done. Having launched Scooby-DooEATS earlier this year, Canadian food disruptor Nathen Mazri has now announced that GarfieldEATS products will be coming to grocery stores, and the brand will also be launching an agritourism "farm park" in Ontario.

In a Zoom webinar subsequently posted on Twitter, Mazri — who is standing beside someone in Garfield costume — revealed his ambitious plans for the company. The products reportedly coming to grocery stores include lasagna, meatballs, chicken nuggets, and something called "Jon Arbuckle Stew." Mazri said that the retail products will be available in "every grocery store, hopefully," in both the fresh and frozen aisles.

As for the agritourism park, it's called Garfield & Friends Farm Park, and Mazri says it will be like a theme park where visitors can tour the GarfieldEATS facility. Mazri says he will launch the park through Ontario's Artisan Farms, a food brand that emphasizes sustainability, hormone-free animals and farm-to-table methods.
GarfieldEATS is already selling frozen lasagna through its website. The full grocery store launch is lined up for 2022. Artisan Farms hasn't publicly commented on GarfieldEATS's plans.

Watch the full 40-minute Zoom webinar below. In it, Nathan shares a personal email from Garfield creator Jim Davies, who clarifies that he is doing well and is vaccinated.