Sean, an aspiring director, is into the classics. But the copy of "Citizen Kane" he rents one day ends up having the wrong movie in the box. Instead of the deep focus and sharp angles of Orsen Wells' classic, Sean finds himself watching a gay porn movie. He falls in love with the star and manages to land a job with the production company that made the movie.

"The Fluffer" starts out as a comedy that has some good laughs in it, but directors Richard Glatzer and Wash West have pretensions of making more than a mere comedy. They want to offer penetrating insights into the porn industry and life in general. They want to peer into the dark underbelly of the porn industry. They should stick to eliciting cheap laughs.

Instead, they try to intellectualize – "Vertigo" was a porn movie, Sean declares. Glatzer and West's efforts to illustrate the horrors of the porn industry doesn't get much beyond various characters repeating the oh-so-profound observation that the porn industry messes people up. "Boogie Nights" this ain't.

With "The Fluffer" what starts off with a few good laughs meanders off into a murder story as one of the producers at the production company turns up dead. Johnny Rebel, the porn star who Sean falls in love with is the prime suspect and he takes it on the lam. It's a road trip in the wrong direction.