These Apparel Items Will Make Perfect Gifts This Holiday Season

Have your loved ones looking stylish and savvy thanks to the Exclaim! Gift Guide
These Apparel Items Will Make Perfect Gifts This Holiday Season
December is finally here, which means the holiday season is pretty much upon us. If you're still in need of some gift suggestions, then worry not: The Exclaim! Gift Guide is here to help.

We've been posting our gift suggestions for the past few weeks — you can check the rest of those out here, and keep reading for some gifts that will keep your loved ones looking stylish (not to mention pop culture-savvy) this holiday season.

"Priest Don't Kill My Tribe" T-shirt
Vancouver-based apparel company Section 35, named after the part of the constitution that affirms Indigenous rights in Canada, has distinguished itself by taking pop-cultural artefacts (beer brands, sports teams) and mashing them up with Indigenous culture. Case in point: this spin on Kendrick Lamar. "Priest Don't Kill My Tribe" is both clever and deadly serious. (Section 35)
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Full Metal Jacket hoodie
Ken Burns' searing new doc, The Vietnam War, has brought that epic quagmire back to the cultural forefront, making now the perfect time to revisit Stanley Kubrick's mesmerizing Full Metal Jacket. Private Joker's helmet, with its hand-written "Born to Kill" doodle, became one of the film's most indelible images. (Mondo)
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Harley Quinn / Wonder Woman shoes
DC's "cinematic universe" has been a bit of a bust for Superman and Batman, but Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn have been bright spots in DC's otherwise grim film world. Wonder Woman's "W" logo dominates a pair of red and gold lace-ups, while red and black slip-ons play on Harley Quinn's original jester look. (Thinkgeek)
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Tanya Tagaq's Retribution and seal cuffs
Retribution, the latest album from Inuk throat singer Tanya Tagaq, was one of 2016's best albums. Six Shooter Records is offering that album on vinyl with a pair of seal fur cuffs in support of National Seal Products Day. Available in three colours (red, grey and white), they are made by Snowfly, who crafted the pair that Tagaq wore at the 2014 Polaris Music Prize gala where her album Animism won the prize. (Six Shooter)
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