Evil Aliens Jake West

The first half of Evil Aliens plays more like Porky's than a sci-fi film, complete with big-breasted women and the wet dreams they inspire. This was, after all, part of the Midnight Madness program at the 2005 Toronto International Film Festival. Michelle Fox, the coke-snorting reporter for a tabloid show called Weird World, takes a crew to a secluded Welsh island to investigate reports that a local girl, Cat, has been impregnated by an alien. They encounter Cat's three Welsh-speaking, inbred, male relatives that spit every time they hear the word "English." Aliens appear, the crew dies one by one (usually by having their limbs and/or heads ripped off) and an invasion is thwarted by an unlikely hero. Evil Aliens works best when it walks the line between self-reflexive genre rip-off and out and out gore fest, kind of like a Scary Movie for Trekkies. Unfortunately the story's badly plotted, the direction's clumsy and the acting's silly. This is a campy horror film that specialises in coming up with new gross-out ways to kill. A pot-smoking slacker is sodomised to death on an alien ship with a spinning blade, and our token gay character, Bruce (at least I think that was his name; I had to turn away because the characterisation was so painfully offensive), is sodomised by a cross. Director Jake West needs to go to back to film school. And judging from his violent fascination with male sodomy, a session or two of counselling couldn't hurt either. (Falcon)