ESPN's Ultimate X: The Movie

I'm probably the last person to get a charge out of something like a mini-documentary on ESPN's "Xtreme" sports but, sitting down to watch this IMAX-ready 39-minute THX-optimised Surround Sound DVD with the kids proved to be an adrenaline rush unto itself. After watching the explosively shot samplings of skateboarding, street luge, wake-boarding, downhill BMXing, BMX stunts, aggressive in-line skating, Moto X and speed climbing, all set to a mind-numbing soundtrack that can jumpstart the heart rate of any armchair coach, there was little doubt in the room that this is the reserved sport of people with "issues." In fact, the new heroes of these seven-year-old Summer X Games could easily be labelled as being completely out of their minds, and a few interviews with surgeons helped to underline this observation. At the same time, the director made the case for the legitimacy of these "lesser" sports with in-depth interviews from celebrities including Tony Hawk and Cory "Nasty" Nastazio, and the insights ranged from "huh?" to "bitchin'." Beautifully shot, edited and well-written, it's the soundtrack that's the ultimate gas, boasting high-torque cuts from the likes of the Foo Fighters, Incubus, Pennywise, 3rd Strike and P.O.D. This is one wild ride that, after only 39 minutes, provided the added incentive of getting off the couch and getting involved in a little exercise. Ultimately fascinating. Extras: Interactive version with athlete profiles, medal moments and trick breakouts, X gallery mega-mix with additional music, Tony Hawk 900, Travis Pastrana undefeated, Street Luge, broken bones, BMX legends, the Backflip, Girls of the Games. (Touchstone)