Enter... Zombie King Stacey Case

Good versus evil is the basic concept behind this Toronto-filmed low budget zombie horror fest. Enter... Zombie King (aka Zombie Beach Party) finds luchadore/action hero Ulysses (Jules Delorme) and his diverse crew of heroic masked wrestlers investigating the presence of aggressive undead baddies. Under the power of the mysterious Zombie King (Nicholas Sinn), the walking dead wreck havoc across the good ol' US of A. While Stacey Case feeds wrestling fans their usual four Bs of blood, beer, boobs and bad acting, the film also offers something for horror and surf rock fans alike. The gore factor for instance can be deliciously vicious, at times, and the soundtrack features bands such as the Sadies and the Tijuana Bibles (who also appear in the film). For a wrestling movie however, many of the fight scenes are simple and utilise only basic wrestling moves (i.e., body slams), which is surprising, considering professional wrestler Rob "El Fuego" Etchevarrio is credited as the choreographer. There still are a couple of enjoyable action sequences in the film though, which help make up for all other limitations in the pugilism department. Despite the low budget nature of the movie, the filming is clear and the overdubbed dialogue works well, especially since the masks hide most of the actors' mouths. For most people interested in owning this DVD, the release of the movie itself will be reward enough. There are a few extras to go along with the fun though, namely a couple deleted scenes and the original trailer. Also, watch for the amusing cameo by Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart as an irate, oblivious sheriff. Lovers of B-movie cinema will want to check this out, regardless of where their low budget fetishes lie. (El Zorrero, www.enterzombieking.com)