EgyptAir Pulls Inflight Magazine Featuring Surreal Drew Barrymore Interview

EgyptAir Pulls Inflight Magazine Featuring Surreal Drew Barrymore Interview
Earlier this month, EgyptAir ran an impossibly surreal "interview" with Drew Barrymore in its in-flight magazine Horus. Since then, Barrymore denied the interview ever took place while EgyptAir insisted that it did. Perhaps the airline has had a change of heart, however, as it's since removed the magazine from its flights.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Egyptian officials said that EgyptAir agreed to stop printing new issues of its October issue. The airline also removed the existing issues from the flight. The officials spoke on the condition of anonymity, as they weren't authorized to talk to media.

The article featured numerous insane quotes attributed to Barrymore. Discussing life as a mother, she supposedly said, "The truth is that I used to be very enthusiastic and nervous; but I found myself sympathizing with Olive and Frankie and potentially tolerating their endless questions as if I am growing a small plant waiting for its ripe delicious fruits after a few years."

She supposedly added that her children have a surprising grasp on modern global politics. "Despite their young ages that do not exceed 5 years, they know the name of the American president, the names of presidents and kings of some major countries and the names of several substantial figures in the political scene." 

EgyptAir reportedly blamed the article's bizarre tone on the Al-Ahram advertising agency, which was tasked with editing the piece.