EgyptAir's Inflight Magazine Published a Fake Interview with Drew Barrymore and It's Truly Surreal

EgyptAir's Inflight Magazine Published a Fake Interview with Drew Barrymore and It's Truly Surreal
Celebrity interviews are often little more than puff pieces intended to make the subject look as flattering as possible — that's also why they're often so boring. EgyptAir have seemingly solved the problem with their in-flight magazine, however. The secret? You just make up all of the quotes yourself.

The magazine featured a so-called interview with Drew Barrymore in their latest issue, but it features some truly baffling quotes and one-liners from the veteran star.

But first, there's the intro:

Despite being unstable in her relationships most of her life, despite the several unsuccessful marriages and despite the busy life of stardom that dominated her life for several years; the beautiful American Hollywood actress Drew Barrymore has recently decided to temporary take an unlimited vacation to play her most crucial role as a mother.

It only gets stranger from there. Discussing life as a mother, she supposedly said, "The truth is that I used to be very enthusiastic and nervous; but I found myself sympathizing with Olive and Frankie and potentially tolerating their endless questions as if I am growing a small plant waiting for its ripe delicious fruits after a few years."

She supposedly added that her children have a surprising grasp on modern global politics. "Despite their young ages that do not exceed 5 years, they know the name of the American President, the names of Presidents and Kings of some major countries and the names of several substantial figures in the political scene." That's just classic Drew Barrymore, right there!

Despite the article being written in Barrymore's unmistakable voice, many questioned whether it was actually an interview with her. In fact, a spokesperson told HuffPost that she didn't participate in the interview at all. 

EgyptAir disagreed, doubling down in defending that the interview was legit. They claim it was written by the head of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association:
They also shared a clarification from an account with 18 followers that claims to be the author of the profile:
Whether it's real or not, you can read excerpts from the strangest celebrity profile of all time below courtesy of Adam Baron.