David Cronenberg's 'Dead Ringers' Is Becoming an Amazon Series Starring Rachel Weisz

BY Josiah HughesPublished Aug 18, 2020

While so many of David Cronenberg's films remain stone cold classics, even they aren't immune to reboot fever. Follow the Soska sisters' recent Rabid remake, Cronenberg's Dead Ringers is now becoming an Amazon series.

The show has been ordered straight to series, with Rachel Weisz set to play its titular twins and executive produce. The show is being written by Alice Birch, who was the lead writer of the acclaimed Normal People series that aired on Hulu and Crave earlier this year.

The Dead Ringers series is expected to have a slightly different tone from Cronenberg's 1988 original, delving deeper into the professional lives of the lead dead ringers, both of whom are gynaecologists. 

The idea for the reboot originated with Weisz, who partnered with Annapurna TV and Birch. According to Deadline, the show was pitched to streaming services via Zoom.

Denise Cronenberg — the director's sister and the costume designer who famously created the now-iconic blood-red doctors robes worn by Jeremy Irons the original Dead Ringers — recently passed away in June.

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