The Cyberpunk Educator Andrew J. Holden

This independently released DVD contains a feature length documentary study of '80s cyberpunk films with a focus on political, cultural and literary content. Narrated by compuvox EVE 2.0 and set to a frantic post-industrial/rave soundtrack, films like Terminator and Terminator 2, Blade Runner, Robocop, Aliens, Akira and the Mad Max trilogy are lumped together as examples of a unique form of tragic cinema. Holden delves into discussions of the nature versus technology dichotomy, woman/machine duality and examines the tragic hero through a critical eye in what seems like a super-slick multimedia version of someone's university thesis paper. The classic visuals are spectacular, working very well with the soundtrack and it's an fascinating examination of the cyberpunk genre that would be of interest to anyone into cultural studies, film, politics or literature. It's pretty dope to watch if you're sitting around stoned with a bunch of sci-fi freaks, although you'll probably zone out on the narration after a while. Blah blah, politics, blah, literature, blah blah blah, since the beginning of time. (