​Check Out Josh Brolin as Cable in 'Deadpool 2' Trailer

​Check Out Josh Brolin as Cable in 'Deadpool 2' Trailer
Ryan Reynolds is set reprise his role as the titular snarky superhero in Deadpool 2, but the latest trailer for the upcoming blockbuster has fans freaking out over another character — Cable.
Played by Josh Brolin, Deadpool's comic book co-star gets introduced with a dramatic monologue and dark imagery.
"People think they understand pain, but they have no concept of it," Brolin says — but he's almost immediately cut off by Reynolds (as Deadpool's regular guy alter-ego Wade Wilson) breaking the fourth wall and complaining about the visual effects with some rather creative profanity.
After a brief detour into a Deadpool-orchestrated action figure battle, we're given another glimpse at the now-up-to-snuff special effects, and the results look pretty spectacular.
Get a glimpse at the upcoming sequel action below. The David Leitch-directed Deadpool 2 is slated to hit the big screen on May 18.