Bring It On: All Or Nothing Steve Rash

Here we have the third instalment (and second straight-to-video release) for what should have been a glorious franchise. Because, let’s be serious, the original Bring It On is pretty much your favourite movie ever. Unfortunately, Bring It On 3 is only a sequel in the sense that there happens to be cheerleaders in it. When Britney’s parents are forced to relocate for a job opportunity (stop me if you’ve heard this one), she goes from being head cheerleader at a well-to-do high school to alienated at a new and diverse school. After a failed attempt at making friends with the only other white girls on campus, she must fight to fit in on the new "inner city” cheer squad (who do zany things like krump instead of using spirit fingers). From there it’s just one big racial joke after another; it’s Dangerous Minds meets Clueless with all the awkward stereotypes and none of the quaint moral foundation. Will dancing from "the streets” win the squad a chance to perform in a music video and — more importantly — win their humble school new computers? Probably. Fact is, Bring It On is about catty cheerleaders, life lessons and non-stop sexual innuendo, thus making it exactly the type of teen movie that can warrant a thousand sequels that bored kids will watch on TBS on a Sunday afternoon, or on DVD with tons of cloying extras (like a 15-minute gag reel consisting entirely of teenagers making funny faces and guffawing). To be fair, the choreography featurettes are nearly entertaining once you realise that the geeks in the film were essentially forced at gun point to learn all the moves without stand-ins. If you’re extra ambitious, you can even learn along with them with "Break It Down,” a lengthy and terrifying dance lesson from some goof called Tony G. Go Bayside!!! Plus: "Behind the Cheers”; more. (Universal)