Big Momma's House 2 John Whitesell

If fat suit drag is your yen and your passion have I got a movie for you. Martin Lawrence returns in the role he made "famous,” this time trying to sit things out as a desk cop for the sake of pregnant wife Nia Long; unfortunately, his old partner is murdered while trying to catch a hacker criminal, meaning he has to don the grotesque get-up to infiltrate a suspect’s home. Naturally, his new nanny role affords the film opportunities to a) make stupid jokes at the expense of his wobbly girth, and b) teach the meaning of family and "alla” that good stuff as "it” shows up his too-busy host parents (including harried mother Emily Procter). Throw in the usual "how could you have lied to me?” shenanigans when Long gets wind of her husband’s decision to fib about putting himself in harm’s way and you have the complete afterthought comedy: cheap, slapped-together, ugly as sin and not at all funny for even one of its tortuous 99 minutes. Residual pleasures are nowhere to be found — Lawrence’s "who me?” double takes prove notable only in that they mark the full breadth of his acting chops, and none of the supporting cast are allowed (or seem capable) of shining past his obnoxious mugging or the lame stunts contrived for the fat-suit and its occupant. Strictly for the very sheltered or the easily amused — if you laugh at this, you should get out more. Extras include a feature commentary with director John Whitesell, producer David T. Friendly and supporting cast member Zachary Levi that’s like listening to a vacuum cleaner salesmen having lunch, and a special effects featurette that gets by with decent marks. (Fox)