Ben Wheatley Made a COVID-19 Horror Film While in Lockdown

Ben Wheatley Made a COVID-19 Horror Film While in Lockdown
Image via Raffi Asdourian
Ben Wheatley will soon lend his directorial skills to a new Tomb Raider movie, but the cult U.K. filmmaker is still best known for his singular, self-contained films like SightseersHigh-Rise and Free FireIn keeping with that spirit, he has apparently made a new COVID-19 horror film.

Speaking with Little White Lies [via NME], Wheatley said he spent two weeks to make a movie that he describes as "a response to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis."

"I've said it a lot, but I think I've always seen it as there being genres of subject but also genres of budget, and those genres of budget are micro-budget, low-budget, mid-budget, and high-budget, which make for totally different filmmaking experiences," he said.

The film was shot in August., and Wheatley said he made it "just to keep [his] head together with lockdown happening."

He added that the film's screenplay is "the result of a datedness that he perceived in the titles released to VOD that couldn't take the new status quo into account."

While it's unclear exactly when his COVID-19 movie will arrive, his next film Rebecca is set to hit Netflix on October 21. You can watch a trailer below.