"Weird Al" Yankovic "Tacky" (Pharrell parody) (video)

'Weird Al' Yankovic 'Tacky' (Pharrell parody) (video)
"Weird Al" Yankovic had promised to launch a music video campaign in support of his new album, Mandatory Fun, and now it has begun with a clip for "Tacky."

As you might guessed from the title, "Tacky" is a parody of Pharrell's mega-hit "Happy." In the tune, Al sings about mixing stripes with plaid, using Comic Sans, writing unfair Yelp reviews, getting a "YOLO" licence plate and more.

In the elaborate video, we see a gaudily dressed Al singing and dancing for the camera before swapping places with Margaret Cho, Kristen Schaal, Jack Black and others. Watch it below [via Nerdist].

Stay tuned for seven more videos to follow in the coming days. Mandatory Fun will be out tomorrow (July 15).

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