Tim Heidecker Shares Statement on Oscars Slap: "My Heart Breaks for Comedy Itself"

He has bravely defended both comedy and violence

BY Alex HudsonPublished Mar 31, 2022

The slap discourse simply will not stop, as absolutely everyone has offered up their take on the Oscars altercation between Will Smith and Chris Rock. Now, Tim Heidecker has shared what is hopefully the final word on the subject, as he has defended the sanctity of comedy, as well as the sanctity of comedy-inspired violence.

Heidecker shared a moody, pensive photo of himself on Instagram, writing, "My heart breaks for comedy itself. We cannot allow violence to stop us from speaking the truth." Thank you, Tim!

After reminding us that even Adam and Eve had comedy, he pointed out that "offensive jokes should be met with worldwide condemnation from all and we all must take responsibility for our actions even if that means being physically attacked." It's a brave stance from someone who describes himself as "one of the most offensive comedians of all time."

It's powerful stuff that will hopefully put the slap discourse to rest once and for all. Read Heidecker's post below.

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