Tim Robinson Did "80-Something" Zip Line Runs for 'I Think You Should Leave,' Says It Was "So Fun"

"I did not get bored of it, because I kept trying tricks"

Photo: Terence Patrick / Netflix

Published Apr 4, 2024

In one of the most memorable sketches from the third season of Netflix's I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson, the show's star and creator plays a dating show contestant who becomes fixated on a swimming pool's zip line. It wasn't simply acting, however, since Tim Robinson has confirmed that filming the sketch was "so fun."

Appearing on Late Night with Seth Meyers this week (April 2), the host spoke with Robinson about the sketch, pointing out that a handful of zip line runs are shown in the sketch. But how many zip line takes did they actually film?

"Probably like 80-something," Robinson responded, prompting Meyers to ask if he enjoyed filming so many. "Absolutely. It was so fun," Robinson confirmed. "I did not get bored of it because I kept trying tricks." One of those tricks was a 360-degree spin that appeared in the episode.

Elsewhere in the interview, they spoke about the "Driving Crooner" sketch, pointing out that pro baseball team the New York Mets have introduced a "Crooner Cam" at games this season, where fans in the crowd are edited to have a fedora and cigar à la the I Think You Should Leave sketch.

Watch Robinson's appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers below.

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