The Alternative Show with Andy Kindler

JFL42, Toronto ON, September 26

BY Julianna RomanykPublished Sep 27, 2018

The beauty of "The Alternative Show" is that anything goes. All six comics on this show knew that this midnight show was going to give them the chance to do absolutely anything they wanted, so they took full advantage of the opportunity.
After Andy Kindler did some edgy material about Louis C.K.'s apology letter, Ryan Hamilton took the stage to tell a hilarious story about the time he opened for Kindler over a decade ago and saw him fall off the stage.
Jeff Ross told the audience to give him topic suggestions to riff about in the spirit of legendary improv venue Second City, then recounted some random but funny memories about playing sports as a child.
Courtney Gilmour proved that she could easily keep up with the American standup stars on the show. Gilmour's new bit about being mistaken for Nelly Furtado despite being a double arm amputee was hilariously offbeat, as was her joke about being unable to convince people to refer to her as "Nubsy."
Every comedian was delightfully spontaneous and unconcerned about whether the audience would be on board with their material. With the Alternative Show crowd, they knew they were playing for comedy diehards, and the world was their oyster.
Matt Braunger's set about how he loves having a wife who calls him "Fat Donger" in public was funny in its upbeat delivery and use of voices, but deadpan comic Tom Henry was the comedian that stole the show that night. After running off a dozen flawless one-liners, Henry announced that Jeff Ross's appearance had inspired him to roast the audience. Henry then got the crowd in stitches as he blankly told every guy wearing a baseball cap that they had a "bad hat," then roasted a man called Jacob by telling him he had a "bad name" and asking him where his ladder was without a hint of expression.

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