'South Park' Creators' 'Cannibal! The Musical!' Treated to Vinyl Release

'South Park' Creators' 'Cannibal! The Musical!' Treated to Vinyl Release
Well before busting guts on Broadway with their much-loved The Book of Mormon, South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone produced a singy, sinew-sucking comedy called Cannibal! The Musical!. Vinyl hounds looking to splatter their ears with the people-eating musical parody can now grab the release on wax via Banana Stand Records.

While CD editions have existed since the '90s, the label has just given Cannibal! The Musical! its first-ever vinyl release. Fittingly, it's been pressed on bloody "opaque red" vinyl, which is limited to 1,000 copies.

Released in 1993 via Troma Entertainment, Cannibal! The Musical! is loosely based on the life of Alfred Packer, a 19th century prospector who allegedly ate his fellow travellers during an expedition through the Colorado mountains. The musical portrays Packer's confession to a newspaper man, via "toe-tapping songs." In real life, he was convicted of manslaughter in 1896, but was paroled a few years later and died in 1901.

The music and lyrics were penned by Trey Parker, with the assistance of Rich Sanders.

You can order a copy of the vinyl score over here.