Seth Rogen Will Now Be Voicing Vancouver's Transit Announcements

"When the opportunity came up to be a voice of public transportation, I was thrilled"
Seth Rogen Will Now Be Voicing Vancouver's Transit Announcements
After being floated as a suggestion to replace Morgan Freeman as the voice of Vancouver's transit announcements, Seth Rogen has been confirmed as the new voice of the city's transit agency TransLink.

The company confirmed the news in a video, showing how popular the initial suggestion from Vancouver journalist Stephanie Ip turned out to be. In the clip, Rogen says from the recording booth that "any opportunity to enrich the lives of the Canadian people is an opportunity I will take."

The video also includes a few samples of Rogen's tips "to make your transit ride even more awesome." 

To combat riders taking up space for passengers by placing their bags on seats, Rogen advises, "I know your bag is very nice, and you probably care deeply for it, but that doesn't need its own seat."

When it comes to passengers kicking their feet up on opposing seats, Rogen says, "those are very nice sneakers, but kind of a horror show on the sole, so get those feet off the seat. My mom might be sitting there one day, come on!"

Rogen concludes, "Giving them some interesting information as to where they're going could be additive in people's lives, which is nice."

You can watch TransLink's confirmation in the player below.