Sabrina Jalees / Liza Treyger

Just For Laughs, Montreal QC, July 24

BY James KeastPublished Jul 25, 2018

Canadian comic Sabrina Jalees has been a little busy lately, and hasn't been focused on standup in particular, but brought such a fun, loose vibe to Katacombes in Montreal that it smoothed over any underpracticed bumps in the road.
Her friend Liza Treyger warmed the crowd up with a set that was typically dirty, for her, covering her various addictions, including porn. She took us on a deep dive into that particular obsession, outlining the depths of her interest and that she prefers personal connection — formed via social media — to fuel her porn interests. She admitted that maybe this wasn't connecting with the audience — and that she could have done a better job getting the crowd ready for her pal — but the semi-roast vibe made their interactions seem more playful.
Jalees's life changed a lot recently when she became a new mom, and that was a focus of much of her set. She bantered with audience members who seemed less keen on her son's name, Wolfie, told the story of how she and her wife conceived, and reveled in her new role as the patriarch in this scenario.
Writers' rooms — where Jalees has been focusing her work recently — and the process of standup comedy got touched on, and it became clear that Jalees hasn't been doing long sets of comedy in a while. That gave the set a loose spontaneity that Jalees made seem intimate and delightful, rather than unprepared. Process and progress can be a fascinating window into a working comic and Sabrina Jalees welcomed us into a generous glimpse.

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