Red Green Is Launching a 'Possum Lodge Podcast'

Actors and segments from the long-running TV show will be featured
Red Green Is Launching a 'Possum Lodge Podcast'
Red Green has imparted plenty of handyman secrets and life advice to viewers across 300 TV episodes, theatre tours, a newspaper column and more, and Steve Smith's beloved character is hiking up his suspenders to enter the world of podcasting.

The Possum Lodge Podcast is set to debut on June 28 at 9 p.m. ET, and will find Smith co-hosting in character alongside Dave Smith, his son and a writer on the long-running Red Green Show.

As a press release explains, each half-hour episode will be structured as "an old style scripted radio show with action scenes as well as commentary."

Actors and segments from the original television series — including "Handyman Corner," "Life Advice" and "Lodge Meetings" — will comprise the production's core, while the inclusion of 13 additional characters "will enable the podcast to expand the concept to reveal more of the people and activities that define the town of Possum Lake."

To enter the world of Possum Lake, listeners can subscribe to the podcast through Patreon. The press release adds that "production is already well under way for 12 new podcasts to stream the last Sunday of each month from now until at least June 2021."

Smith trekked through Canada and the United States as Red Green on last year's "This Could Be It Tour." The Red Green Show's series finale aired in April 2006 on CBC.