'SNL' Cast Member Pete Davidson Opens Up About Getting Sober

'SNL' Cast Member Pete Davidson Opens Up About Getting Sober
Pete Davidson might not be the most recognizable (or most orange) face in the Saturday Night Live cast, but he's gained his fair share of success since joining the show, even getting his own Comedy Central special last fall. Despite his rising star, however, the 23-year-old has been noticeably absent from both SNL and social media in recent months — and he's just revealed why.
Davidson returned to Instagram yesterday (March 6) to inform his fans and followers that he's "back in action" after quitting drugs and getting sober for the first time in eight years.
The comedian didn't give further details about his condition or treatment beyond that, though he did assure fans that he's "okay."
He went on to thank his friends and girlfriend (Larry David's daughter, Cassie) for their support.
The comedian's drug use has often been fodder for SNL and his own stand-up, with Davidson admitting that he's relied heavily on marijuana to cope with his Crohn's disease.
Read his full Instagram post below.