Neil Hamburger's 'Entertainment' Gets Soundtrack Release

Neil Hamburger's 'Entertainment' Gets Soundtrack Release
In addition to Neil Hamburger (a.k.a. actor/comedian Gregg Turkington) hitting the big screen later this year in the forthcoming drama, Entertainment, "America's Funnyman" will also be slapping a soundtrack onto our turntables via Numero Group.

A press release confirms that the accompanying Entertainment: Music from the Motion Picture Soundtrack arrives November 13, the same day the Rick Alverson-directed feature hits select movie theatres and the iTunes store. The label had teased the soundtrack release a couple of weeks ago via their Instagram account, with a post of Turkington seated on a bench, captioned with "This guy, this fall."

The movie is described as "the unnerving film account of a travelling comedian lost on the brink," and follows an aging comic (Hamburger/Turkington) around various venues and tourist attractions in the California desert as he attempts to reach his estranged daughter.

The soundtrack features snippets of the dialogue from the film, including a cameo from co-star John C. Reilly, as well as music plucked from Turkington's personal record collection.

Described as "an avid gatherer of privately pressed curios," the actor has curated a playlist that includes Frank Sinatra Jr., "an Italian-language folkie whose guitar laments the Vietnam War," Civil Rights music, a singing nun and more. Apparently, what ties them all together is their "downtrodden personalities."

You'll find the full tracklisting info for the soundtrack down below, while you can sample portions of Entertainment now on the Numero Group website.

Entertainment: Music from the Motion Picture Soundtrack:

1. "Everybody's Alright"
2. Pompeo Still & the Companions - "He Was a Guitar Player and Now Plays Machinegun in Vietnam"
3. Bill Moss - "Number One"
4. "A Professional Loser"
5. The Extensions - "This Love of Mine"
6. "It's Been a Long, Long Day"
7. Devora Clemmons - "Animals in the Zoo"
8. "Cousin Johnny Sings Christmas"
9. "Sweet Dreams"
10. Frank Sinatra Jr. - "Black Night"
11. "Yellow Rims"
12. Insight Out - "It Makes You Feel So Bad"
13. Nun-Plus - "Los Angeles"
14. "Should I Be Concerned"
15. Bob Desper - "It's Too Late"
16. Entertainment Choir - "Ave Maria (Daughter of My Dreams)"