Maz Jobrani Brown and Friendly

Maz Jobrani Brown and Friendly
Maz Jobrani is an Iranian-American standup comedian who discusses stereotypes and contemporary issues in his act. The opening scene in his 2009 special, Brown and Friendly, features Jobrani being given a pep talk by Iranian-American professional wrestler, the Iron Sheik.
For those who aren't already fans of Jobrani's comedy, the cheesy acting is bad enough to make you go back to browse on Netflix. That, however, would be a mistake, because once Jobrani starts his act, you'll soon be laughing out loud.
Jobrani concentrates on his Persian background, which shows interesting contrasts between his own community and white America. The jokes are explained well enough that you don't need to be Persian to appreciate the humour. In fact, it's a great special that may teach you several things about this community and its rich culture and history.
Jobrani's jokes about his family find a good balance between making the audience feel they know him on a personal level and keeping the material funny for audiences who don't share his life experience.
His political humour is critical but maintains a fun and light-hearted persona. Whether he's talking about sports injuries or terrorism, Jobrani delivers an entertaining and smart hour of comedy you don't want to miss.
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