Mac DeMarco Tells Eric Andre About the Time He Fell Through a Stained Glass Window with His Dick Out After Drinking "20 Martinis"

"There was a year and a half or two year period where I would drink a full two-six of Jameson every night on stage"

Photo: Jason McDonald

BY Kaelen BellPublished Aug 30, 2023

Mac DeMarco's reputation as a sleazy wild-child party dude has cooled somewhat in the last few years — these days, he's more likely to release collections of demos and tasteful instrumental background music than he is to pull his pants down on stage. 

However, he's still got plenty of stories about the glory days of his dumbassery, as evidenced by his recent appearance on Eric Andre's podcast Bombing with Eric Andre, during which he told the tale of when he fell through a stained glass window with his dick and balls hanging out of his pants after drinking "20 martinis." 

As DeMaco tells it, it all started when he was invited by his friend Molly Lewis — professional whistler — to join her on stage at L.A.'a Zebulon to sing Frank Sinatra's "Change Partners" a few years ago.

"I thought, 'I'm singing a Frank Sinatra song tonight — I'm drinking martinis,'"  DeMarco told Andre. "I think I had 20? About 20 Martinis?"

"The performance was okay, I had a nice time," he continued. "But it was what happened after."

DeMarco says he and some friends ended up at Astro Diner after the show, which is where things went awry: "I ended up falling through one of the stained glass windows at Astro Diner, but I also had my cock and balls out of my jeans for some reason," DeMarco said as Andre laughed in the background. 

His girlfriend Kiera had to tuck his balls back into his pants before he approached the staff and offered to pay for the window — "They kinda know me in there now because I fell ass-first through one of their windows," he said.
Elsewhere in the interview, DeMarco and Andre discuss Coachella — "It's not a music festival, it's a buttcheek festival," DeMarco said — and various times that DeMarco or friends have bombed on stage.

You can listen to the whole thing below. 

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