​Kids in the Hall's Scott Thompson and Paul Bellini Detail Mouth Congress Retrospective Album

'Waiting for Henry' collects studio and live recordings, demos and more

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Oct 26, 2021

Following the release of a documentary and a Record Store Day single last year, Scott Thompson of Kids in the Hall and frequent writing partner Paul Bellini teased the arrival of a retrospective release from their punk outfit Mouth Congress. Now, the details of compilation Waiting for Henry have arrived.

The 29-track Waiting for Henry arrives December 10 through Captured Tracks, who also released the group's aforementioned RSD single. The retrospective collection brings together studio recordings, demos, live recordings and more.

"The People Have Spoken" is the first song to arrive from the compilation, and you can hear it below alongside a video featuring archival Mouth Congress footage. In conversation last year with Kreative Kontrol, Thompson shared of the material, "It's amazing, because everything we recorded was done in such a primitive manner, and Captured Tracks is cleaning everything up and remastering the tracks. Holy cow, it sounds like real music!"

Of course, Thompson and his Kids In the Hall group mates are shooting a new show, and began filming in Toronto in May. 

Waiting for Henry:

1. Sex and Love
2. Be My Hole
3. Heavy Breather
4. Guess I'll Just Jerk Off Again
5. Wind in My Belly
6. Guilt
7. Band from France
8. Tom
9. Womyn
10. What Is This Thing Called Love?
11. Fascist Love Song
12. Lullaby on Blow
13. Why?
14. We Back Together
15. Young and Alive in 1975
16. Thanks for the Disco
17. A Wig
18. Pepper Pot
19. Lorenzo the Chef
20. Give In
21. The People Have Spoken
22. What Do I Wear on a Trip to the Moon?
23. Christopher
24. Testicle Delight
25. Water Nymph
26. A Queen's Lament
27. Julie Newmar
28. Madamifesto
29. Let's Hear It for Show Business

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