Key & Peele Get to the Bottom of Outkast's Troubled Relationship

Key & Peele Get to the Bottom of Outkast's Troubled Relationship
Citizens of Stankonia, prepare to have your hopes and dreams of ever hearing a new Outkast LP pissed on by Key & Peele. Though the famed Atlanta rap group embarked on a reunion tour in 2014, a new comedy sketch from this other duo suggests what many have feared for years: that the gulf between Big Boi and André 3000 is just too wide for them to make any more music together.

The sketch, which aired on Key & Peele's Comedy Central program last night (August 20), begins with Jordan Peele, as Outkast member Big Boi, ordering a drink at a local coffee house. A barista notes that Outkast "changed my life" and asks if Big Boi will ever collaborate with André 3000 again. He looks rather remiss as he answers, "people grow apart."

Following this, Keegan-Michael Key's cartoonish André 3000 enters the building in grand fashion, adorned in an all-green jester's/leprechaun costume possibly inspired by the emerald get-up the rapper wore in the "Hey Ya!" video. He orders a green food dye-infused latte, to be served in a vase, before striking up a conversation with his instantly on-edge bandmate.

What follows is a tense conversation wherein it's obvious that the fictional Big Boi has had enough of his egregiously eccentric co-conspirator. "Why you doing the voices, man?" he asks when 3000 affects a posh, mock-English accent. He also seems baffled by his partner's insistence on making a new album featuring the sound of "screeching metal and one spoken word per track."

Though at one point, André 3000 suggests that the pair were cut from the same womb, the piece ultimately satirizes the conflicted working relationship of Outkast. It's an over-the-top lampooning of Big Boi and André 3000's creative differences that might hit home for fans still waiting on a proper follow-up to 2003's brilliant, but wildly divergent double LP, Speakerboxxx/The Love Below.

You can laugh or cry your way through the sketch by giving it a stream down below.