Katt Williams Presents

Katthouse Comedy

BY Andrea PatehviriPublished Dec 19, 2016

Katt Williams' Katthouse Comedy is a compilation of standup from the American Hustle Tour, featuring sets by Red Grant, Luenell and Melanie Comarcho. This special is most certainly NSFW, as all three comedians feature sets that revolve around shamelessly (and hilariously) raunchy humour.
First up is Red Grant, who successfully sets the tone for the rest of the special, while doing a top-notch job of building up the audience's energy levels. He is a whizz at crowd-work, and even gets the audience to participate in a choreographed "performance." This is also a man who doesn't seem to know the meaning of being inhibited. Whether he's struggling to stay "thug" while in the throws of ecstasy, or fighting with a radio that's killing his groove, Grant shares everything with the audience, while acting it all out too, leaving nothing to the imagination.
The second comedian is Luenell, who shows the audience right away that she's not scared to match Grant's lascivious humour. But her sexually explicit humour is also tinged with important lessons for her female fans, emphasizing the importance of letting their partners know what they don't like, and never letting men make them feel bad about their bodies. Luenell's comedic timing is one of the best parts of her set. She sets up jokes with long backstories that have the audience waiting on the edge of their seats for the punch line, and knows exactly how long to wait before delivering, thereby ensuring full appreciation from the audience.
Last, but certainly not least, is Melanie Comarcho. Back in 2010, Comarcho released a comedy album called Independent Woman, and that would certainly be a fitting title for her in this special, as she made it evidently clear that she is not a woman that men want to fuck with. She lets clueless men know about the probationary period of new relationships, calls them out on the lies they tell women, and makes it clear as hell that if she spends the night with someone, she's gonna get hers.
She also takes a page from Luenell's book and encourages single women not to jump into just any relationship, but to wait for a dude that's worth it. She delves into some dark humour as well, with a bit on domestic violence that successfully comes off as both funny and sobering.
All three of these sets complement each other very well, and it's easy to see why Katt Williams has picked these three for his special. Katthouse Comedy is interspersed with scenes from backstage as well as interview clips, and all four of these comedians clearly have chemistry. This chemistry manages to shine through during each comedian's solo set, thereby allowing all of the performances to tie together wonderfully.

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