John Mulaney Explains His Love of Destroyer's 'Kaputt': "I've Always Been a Coke-y Person"

"I remember thinking to myself, 'Wow, can you believe we used to do cocaine?'"

BY Alex HudsonPublished Oct 19, 2023

Destroyer's 2011 album Kaputt is helped to usher in a smooth, muzak-inspired era of indie rock — and, just like the rest of us, comedian John Mulaney is a big fan.

Speaking with Pitchfork about the definitive music of his life, he identified Kaputt as the key album from when he was 30 years old. At the time, he was working as a writer on Saturday Night Live, and he heard Kaputt around the time he decided to leave the show. (He didn't leave the show until 2013, so evidently he was a couple of years late to Kaputt.)

"I was in the back of 30 Rock, near the ice rink, at night," he recalled of the first time he heard Kaputt. "We had to go to some function as a staff. We might have been in tuxedos. I was listening to 'Kaputt' and heard that line, 'Chasing cocaine through the back rooms of the world.' I remember thinking to myself, 'Wow, can you believe we used to do cocaine?' Even when sober, I've always been a coke-y person."

Mulaney has publicly dealt with cocaine addiction. His recent stand-up special, Baby J, directly addresses his 2020–2021 stint in rehab.

He also identified Jessie Ware, Steely Dan, JAY-Z and Phish as some other musicians who have defined his life.

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