John Mulaney Checks into Rehab for Alcohol and Cocaine Abuse

He entered a facility in Pennsylvania this weekend

BY Allie GregoryPublished Dec 21, 2020

John Mulaney has reportedly checked into a 60-day rehabilitation program for abuse of cocaine and alcohol.

Page Six revealed that the 38-year-old comedian is getting help with his sobriety after struggling to maintain a healthy lifestyle during the pandemic. Mulaney entered a facility in Pennsylvania this weekend.

"John's friends and family are happy that he's finally getting some help and focusing on his health," a source told Page Six. "His fans know he's struggled in the past with sobriety, he has talked about it openly. Unfortunately, he has struggled again during the pandemic. He's on board with his recovery, he's not fighting against rehab."

Mulaney initially got sober at 23 after beginning to abuse alcohol at the young age of 13 to deal with the "awkwardness of adolescence." In a 2019 cover story with Esquire, the comedian revealed that he never enjoyed using cannabis, but discovered at a young age how much he loved alcohol, cocaine and prescription drugs. 

"I was really outgoing, and then at 13, I wasn't. I didn't know how to act. And then I was drinking, and I was hilarious again," he explained.

Mulaney recalled making the decision to quit using coke after a particularly bad bender in 2005.

He said: "I didn't kill anyone or assault anyone. But yeah, I was like, 'You're fucking out of control. And I thought to myself, I don't like this guy anymore. I'm not rooting for him.'"

Before landing his better-known Netflix gigs, Mulaney appeared in the 2012 comedy special New in Town, where he spoke at length about his past drug abuse. 

"I don't drink," he said in the show. "I used to drink, then I drank too much, and I had to stop. That surprises a lot of audiences because I don't look like someone who used to do anything."

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