Jim Jefferies Freedumb

Jim Jefferies Freedumb
On his 2014 special, Bare, Jim Jefferies attacked America's heart-wrenchingly illogical gun control problem with such smart vigour and sharp criticism, he became known as the "gun joke" guy. When 2016's Freedumb was released this summer, during the U.S. presidential election, many people seized upon Jefferies' takedown of Donald Trump, and his exhortation to voters.
"Don't be the world's asshole, America," Jefferies pleads.
Those jokes and perspectives aside, the funny thing here is that Jefferies is not typically a "political comedian." By his own admission, he's an illiterate lout in a lot of ways, going off at the mouth like a pitbull about whatever subject matter sets foot in his yard. But so much of that fodder comes from within, as he makes his way in the world, as a new father with a celebrity-dating girlfriend that he doesn't always seem to like.
Having no filter means we have real access to Jefferies' psyche. Since the gun bit, he hears from gun rights advocates a lot and he occasionally engages them in debate, because they lash out at him after virtually every weapons-related tragedy. And he talks about it and his accessibility, which simultaneously fuels a fire he knows he should be putting out.
He's paranoid that, maybe like him, his toddler son might be a moron, and conjures a raw, honest section of dad material, miles away from Bill Cosby, whom he also indelicately eviscerates for his alleged crimes.
Jefferies, who doesn't write but only tells his jokes, is a phenomenal stage performer. He keeps his audience rapt because they never, ever know where he's coming from or going to, but they know the trek is going to be provocative and worthwhile.
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