JFL42 Review: The El-Salomons Offer Heartwarming Shared Comedy

Comedy Bar, Toronto ON, September 25

Photo: Bridget Badore

BY Audrey CarletonPublished Sep 26, 2019

Married comedy duo Eman El-Husseini and Jess Salomon (better known as "The El-Salomons") found love in a comedy club and are dead set on helping others do the same.
During their JFL42 performance at Comedy Bar, the two danced through a slew of witty, self-deprecating one-liners about their marriage and their backgrounds (Salomon is Jewish, El-Husseini is Palestinian, and they were "married by a UN peacekeeper"), right before spending 15 minutes hunting through the audience in search of two single women who closely resemble them to bring onstage for a "date."
The whole thing would've felt kitsch had it not been so heartwarming, and the same could be said for the El-Salomons as a duo. The pair use an array of media to tell jokes and stories; in addition to the live date segment of their set, they also ran through a slideshow of nonsensical online hate they've received, and, when they're not performing, they're regularly posting comical cartoons about their relationship dynamic on Instagram.
All of it could easily become very cliché, but Salomon and El-Husseini are so quirky and likeable that it's fun to follow them along their marriage spiral.
Writing a shared comedy set is no easy feat; while there were places where their jokes could've been sharper, the pair generally did well with joke choreography, finishing each other's sentences and echoing each other's points in a way that didn't feel overly obnoxious or chaotic.
The El-Salomons are a charming, approachable duo who know their niche well, and they're a joy to watch.

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