James Adomian Comedy Bar, Toronto ON, April 19

James Adomian Comedy Bar, Toronto ON, April 19
Photo: Luke Fontana
James Adomian is a wonderful comic whose awesome impressions and excellent writing skills combine to create great material. His style is observational yet absurd, and his exceptional talent has gotten him the respect of comedy legends such as Dave Foley and Scott Thompson of Kids In The Hall, who both attended his Sunday night show.
Adomian began his hour of predominantly new material with a joke about the lack of enunciation in the Los Angeles accent and its contrast to the fury of the New York accent, followed by a bit about how doctors who prescribe marijuana are useless for any real ailments or injuries. He also painted a hilarious picture of a one-act play about the ambiguousness of whether marijuana is legal in Canada, and provided some amusing commentary about Rob Ford. In addition, his comparison of the fact that people tend not to read him as gay to having to manually key in a price for an item at a grocery store was fantastic, and his creation of a health class video about homosexuals was entertaining. However, it was in his imitations that James Adomian really amazed the crowd. His reading of a little girl's diary as Lewis Black, his impression of Seth Rogen as part of his bit about James Franco, and his rambling about pizza as Louis CK were all spot-on. Additionally, his bit in which he mimicked Franklin Roosevelt as he announced fake world news based on events that he created during games of Axis & Allies was very funny.
Adomian's openers were also fabulous. Host Andrew Ivimey comically talked about being in love with a nerd and the perils of apartment hunting, and did a bit about people using religious items for unusual purposes, based on seeing a woman holding her phone to her ear using her hijab like a makeshift Bluetooth headset. After him, Dave Atkinson did some terrific material about watching everything on Netflix while he was unemployed, and the stupidity of letting 17-year-olds decide their entire future. In addition, Ivan Decker performed a very funny bit about how stupid it was for the characters of The Walking Dead to be so minimally clothed, and pointed out that infection during the zombie apocalypse could be easily avoided by wearing a leather jacket. Decker also spoke about the ridiculousness of binge watching, and his issues with Tinder.
In conclusion, this was a marvellous show. Adomian was a brilliant headliner, and all the openers were consistently funny.