Fred Armisen and Bill Hader's Blue Jean Committee Get EP Release

Fred Armisen and Bill Hader's Blue Jean Committee Get EP Release
The super-smooth, soft rock sounds of Fred Armisen's fictional Blue Jean Committee project with Bill Hader are about to issue a new EP. Dubbed Catalina Breeze, the duo's spot-on comedic tribute to the likes of Loggins & Messina lands November 20 via Drag City.

According to a press release, the seven-song collection was cut back in the late '70s as part of the booming "Northampton, Massachusetts music scene." Sporting the "sweet soul-pop sound" that "made them one of the hottest acts this side of the Connecticut River," the project is fronted by the sprechgesang-employing Richie Cornish. This, of course, is a ruse, with comedian Armisen slapping on a long-haired wig to get in the soft rock groove.

Drag City had unearthed the duo's "Massachusetts Afternoon" single for a 2014 release, but Catalina Breeze will feature seven exclusive cuts. The b-side will feature an as-yet undetailed etching.

To get you in the mood for the upcoming release, the Blue Jean Committee recently took the fabulously schmaltzy title track to Late Night with Seth Myers. You can see their Vaseline-greasy run-through down below.

Incidenallty, the Blue Jean Committee will be profiled in an upcoming episode of Documentary Now!, the spoof series put together by Hader, Armisen and Meyers for IFC.

As previously reported, Drag City have long backed Armisen's extra-curricular music career. In 2011, the label issued a 7-inch for his early '80s hardcore-inspired project, Crisis of Conformity.

Catalina Breeze:

1. Catalina Breeze
2. Freeway Song
3. Gentle and Soft
4. Going Out to Hollywood
5. Mama You're a Dancer
6. Mr. Fix It
7. Walking Shoes