Eugene Mirman Takes Aim

One of the brightest young minds in comedy, New York comic and filmmaker Eugene Mirman is on the cusp of stardom with his new album En Garde, Society! A surreal stand-up who tweaks personal and observational humour to his own absurdist bent, Mirman is also a music fan who's toured with Modest Mouse and Yo La Tengo. In fact, when pressed to name comic inspirations, he can only cite the Velvet Underground. "I would rather do that than name a comedian that wasn't accurate," he explains. While Suicide Squeeze released his first record, The Absurd Nightclub Comedy of Eugene Mirman, he is now the second comedian (after David Cross) to sign to Sub Pop. "I'm very excited," Mirman says. "Do I think we'll change comedy the way they changed music in 1992? I'll give it a shot!"