Eric Andre Seems to Be Reviving His Old College Band Blarf

All signs point to the comedian being behind a mysterious Stones Throw project of the same name

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Jun 6, 2019

Before making a name for himself in the world of comedy, Eric Andre was a student at the Berklee School of Music, at which he formed a band named Blarf. Now, it appears Andre is set to revive the group — or the moniker, at least — for a new album.

Storied label Stones Throw has announced an album from a mysterious project named Blarf will arrive June 26, with a live show set for July 6 at Los Angeles' Lodge Room.

Announcing BLARF (AKA ?) album on June 26, and live show extravaganza at the Lodge Room, Los Angeles, July 6 🍔

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And while Stones Throw has not confirmed that Blarf is an Eric Andre project, all signs point to that definitely being the case.

Andre was recently linked to the Stones Throw project when he tweeted about the aforementioned performance, writing on Twitter yesterday (June 5), "People are confusing this guy Blarf on @stonesthrow for me! Let's go to his show and see what the fuck is going on here!"

But Andre's old college band is no secret. Speaking with LA Weekly in 2012, Andre recalled the circumstances that led to Blarf disbanding.

"We didn't last long," he told the publication at the time. "Our drummer got married at 18 to an extremely pro-life woman, and I had a song called 'I Love Abortions.' So he quit and killed the band."

BLARF is also the title of a collaborative 2014 mixtape between Andre and Toronto producer the First Seed. The four-track release features Andre freestyling over noisy production, delivering lines such as, "I'll blow up the TTC, you know me / I'm a fuckin' terrorist / And I got double-D breasts."

You can hear that below.

Andre is set to release a new hidden camera movie titled Bad Trip on October 25. He'll also be in Toronto this September as part of JFL42.

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