Comedian Jeff Ross Accused of Sexual Misconduct with 15-Year-Old Girl

A woman alleges they were in a relationship until she was 22
Comedian Jeff Ross Accused of Sexual Misconduct with 15-Year-Old Girl
Jeff Ross has been accused of predatory behaviour and sexual misconduct with a minor, dating back to the year 1999. His accuser, identifying as Jessica Radtke, claims she and Ross were in a relationship from when she was 15 until she was 22 — breaking up one time when she discovered naked photos of other, younger minors in his possession.

Radtke's claims surfaced in 2019, when she formed a public Facebook page called Iwas15hewas33, but have only gained traction in the months following pedophilia accusations against comedian Chris D'Elia. In a 13-minute video, Radtke shares stories, as well as numerous photos from her personal collection, documenting her relationship with Ross. The two are pictured together multiple times in the clip.

In a new interview with Vulture, Radtke claims they began having "a lot" of unprotected sex while she was still 15 years old, at which point she began keeping things at his apartment and sleeping over. She alleges that Ross began taking explicit photos of her around that time.

"He would have a preference that I shave my vagina completely off," she told Vulture. "He was very mad whenever I wore red lipstick or really dark makeup. He didn't like it if I looked too grown-up or too 'whore-y.' He liked that I was innocent."

In the aftermath of their long and horrific relationship, Radtke said she now suffers from PTSD.

"I thought I had stuffed it down deep enough and taken enough Klonopin, seen enough therapists, and smoked just enough medical marijuana to be okay. I thought, 'Okay, I'm okay,'" she said. "I didn't really know that it was that word — rape — until recently."

Ross has vehemently denied all of Radtke's allegations.

"These disgusting allegations asserted against me are absolutely not true," he wrote in a tweet last month. "I have never engaged in any sexual relationship with a minor."

He continued: "I'm proud of my reputation. Not just as a comedian but as a human being and an ally to women."

Comedy circuit regulars are skeptical, though. Amy Schumer told Vulture: "Jeff is someone I consider a good friend, and I love him, but to be honest, he always has alarmingly young-looking girlfriends."

Comedian Griffin Newman alleged in a tweet that he knew someone else who had a similar experience with Ross.

"A friend told me about going on dates with Jeff Ross when she was 15/16," he said.

Both parties appear to be lawyering-up, with Radtke being represented by Alex Little (Kesha's lawyer). Last year, she asked for representation in a public post on her Facebook page that read, "I have photos, polaroids and other pieces of evidence I plan to release on multiple platforms but need legal advice on best way to execute."

In retaliation to Radtke's claims, Ross wrote, "I intend to take legal action based on these untrue horrific allegations because no one, no matter how sick they are, should be allowed to continue to try and benefit from false stories while attempting to destroy others." 

See Radtke's video below, where you'll also find Ross's rebuttal.