Chris Hardwick Funcomfortable

Chris Hardwick Funcomfortable
Just when you thought Chris Hardwick couldn't get any busier, he goes and releases a standup album. After starting out as an MTV game show host and KROQ DJ in the mid-'90s, the Louisville comedian went on to star in sitcoms, do voiceover work, work in movies, write humorous self-help books, create music and build his own podcasting empire, all before landing his current hosting roles on Talking Dead and @midnight.
But with Funcomfortable, his second standup album, following 2012's Mandroid, you'd think Hardwick would be stretching himself a bit too thin. Luckily, he's a consummate workaholic and what he lacks in originality and raw material, he seemingly makes up with charm, personality and confidence, which makes perfect sense, considering the endless hours he's logged in front of the camera and behind the mic.
That's not to say that Hardwick doesn't keep the audience engaged, as his remarkable knowledge of pop culture, both current and historical, allows him to craft tremendously specific and detailed references that touch on topics like San Francisco hipsters and '90s bro-rockers. On this hour-long special, Hardwick goes hilariously blue from time to time, cleverly pacing his raunchy jokes about the fact that all mothers have had semen on them at one time, and how his father drunkenly told a table of people how to properly perform cunnilingus.
On Funcomfortable, Hardwick throws a ton of material, references, jokes, meta-jokes, anti-jokes and puns at the crowd, but he fortunately possesses the know-how to make the parts that don't stick feel like they should. Points! (Comedy Central)