Alan Partridge Returns with New BBC Series

Alan Partridge Returns with New BBC Series
As promised, Alan Partridge is back.

Today the BBC announced Steve Coogan's iconic character would be coming to the network for a new series. Called This Time with Alan Partridge, the series is described as a weekday magazine show, featuring a "heady mix" of consumer affairs, news, "highbrow interviews and lightweight froth."

The series was recently teased in the Alan Partridge documentary Alan Partridge: Why, When, Where, How And Whom?, in which Coogan confirmed he plans to keep the character alive as long as he is.

The new BBC series is being written by Coogan alongside Neil and Rob Gibbons.

The filming for This Time with Alan Partridge began today, and the BBC said in a statement: "This Time is the perfect shop window for a man of Alan's gravitas and will — or should — see him finally recognized as one of the heavyweight broadcasters of his era."

The BBC added, "With an array of diverse subjects on the agenda, it promises the perfect fit for a man whose broadcasting style has been described as 'equidistant between chitchat and analysis.'"

The series will apparently be modelled after the BBC's The One Show, with a pair of male and female hosts inhabiting a sofa to discuss the stories of the day.

Partridge will be joined by co-presenter Jennie Gresham, played by Susannah Fielding. Comedian Tim Key will also revise his role as Partridge sidekick Sidekick Simon, who will now be known as Simon Denton.

So far, there's no confirmed air date, but the series is expected out later this year.