Aaron Berg Comedy Coltrane

Aaron Berg Comedy Coltrane
"I can say whatever I want to say. That's the beauty of it. You have to embrace it." – Aaron Berg
As he constantly reasserts throughout the 55 minutes of Comedy Coltrane, Aaron Berg is an Alpha Male. Don't believe him? Trust me, he'll tell you again. He actually reminds us about a lot of stuff throughout the set, you know, in case you've forgotten or don't believe him. He tells us how shredded he is. He repeats the same jokes about how much ass he's eaten (so much ass!). During his freeform, jazzy riffs with the audience, he constantly talks about women being beaten. Oh, and don't worry — he does the same Jamaican accents again and again.
The thing he maybe repeats the most, though, is how much the crowd loves his racist and sexist jokes (because it's actually "satire," duh). After purposefully alienating as many people as possible in the first five minutes, Berg obviously takes great pride in using his wit and skill to win them all back (through stories about eating ass, aka the great unifier).
"You're letting me get away with a lot of shit," he tells the audience in a bit called "We Met In Muskoka." And good for them, right? Because who would want to hold such a top dog accountable for such mediocre, easy, and offensive comedy. (Comedy Records)