U.S. Girls

Free Advice Column

BY Farah BarakatPublished Sep 24, 2013

The talented Meg Remy (U.S. Girls) pairs with Canadian hip-hop producer Onakabazien for the production of a new four-track EP. Free Advice Column is an upbeat fusion of Remy's doo-wop-style vocals and synth-heavy electro beats. Interestingly, the garage punk aesthetic of U.S. Girls of yesteryear has been replaced with more electro-tinged vigour. The concoction of Remy's high-pitched voice and feminist subject matter with the new electro/funk/punk style recalls early Le Tigre (in a not so Telus commercial way). Melodies continue to be stuck-in-your-head-catchy, while Remy's clever, tongue-in-cheek lyrics are still just as poignant. "28 days" (about the female menstrual cycle) is the most energetic song on the EP; it's a track that sounds like a Martha Reeves and the Vandellas song set in a digitized future. Also try listening to '"Incidental Boogie" and not think of the Vandellas' "Please, Mr. Postman." Remy takes a backseat on fourth track "Disco 2012," with Onakabazien taking the vocal reins; it's a strange twist that works, serving to conclude the EP quite well.
(Bad Actors)

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