Ogre You Asshole

'Workshop' (album trailer)

BY Alex HudsonPublished Jun 3, 2015

We already knew that Japanese pop adventurers Ogre You Asshole had a live album called Workshop coming out this month, and now we can get a taste of it thanks to a new trailer.

The two-minute clip features a passage of spaced-out psych music in which a sweetly meandering arpeggiator is overlaid with trippy, abstract textures. It's mellow, but the accompanying visuals hint at the live dynamics of Ogre You Asshole by showing the band rocking out in slow motion.

Workshop arrives on June 17 through P-Vine. Scroll past the tracklist below to check out the trailer.

Meanwhile, the band are celebrating a decade together with shows on July 5 in Osaka and July 12 in Tokyo


1. ROPE (meditation version)
2. Rule Invisible
3. Hypnotic
4. Perfect Lovers in the Perfect City
5. A House with a Fence
6. Ship in the Night
7. Flag
8. Papercraft
9. ROPE (long version)
10. Someone's Dream (coda)

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