Zox The Wait

After selling 10,000 copies of The Wait on their own independent label, Armo Records, last year out of their hometown of Providence, RI, oddly named rock visionaries Zox got offered a deal with SideOneDummy, accepted and released the album (their second) again. The Wait is a diverse brand of eclectic rock, and although it’s a little awkward at times, it’s admirable to see from a band that could write a killer radio hit (if they wanted to) in a minute and gain mainstream success. However, these four experienced musicians are content with writing catchy, creative rockers with two-tone and slight ska moments ("Thirsty” or "A Little More Time”), experimental guitar ambiance and intelligent lyrics (the Weezer-esque "Big Fish”), or Baroque-tinged melodies ("Spades”). The result is an extremely diverse and well-rounded album from a band worth keeping your eye on. (SunnyOneDummy)