Let It Bomb

BY Craig DanielsPublished Dec 1, 1999

The follow-up to the Zoobombs' debut release, Welcome Back Zoobombs, furthers their mix and match funky-punk, blues-rock attack. The record gets off to a flying start with the one-two punch of "South Central Rock" and "1-2-3," both being up-beat spazz-outs in the tradition of the Blues Explosion and the Delta 72. Things take a distinctively dancier turn on the electric piano dominated "Mo' Funky (pt. 1)" and its companion song, "Mo'Dub," with its assertion that "you need to get mo' funky!" The track that stands out perhaps the most is the down-beat ballad, "Pleasure Drop." It's got a Stones-like quality that makes it sound like a garagey J-pop take on the classic "Waitin' On A Friend." Also of note is the cover of the Spinal Tap classic "Gimmee Some Money," a great song done in a primitive, organ-heavy style. There's also musical references to Led Zeppelin ("Ships Are Alright") and a hip-hopped-up, latter-day Devo ("Bomb The Bomb").Compared to their debut, Let It Bomb is a lot tighter and more original sounding with the band creating a distinct sound of their own from their many diverse influences.
(Emperor Norton)

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